Portneuf Sangha

“Spiritual friendship is not half the spiritual life. It’s the entire spiritual life!”

--The Buddha

About the Portneuf Sangha

John Travis,

our guiding teacher

Core Principles of the Portneuf Sangha

The Sangha is a safe refuge for anyone who comes no matter who they are or what they believe or practice.

Acceptance of all people and views and traditions .

Not disrespecting anyone’s beliefs.

Not disrespecting teachers or teachings.

The four noble truths, precepts, and eightfold path are taught and practiced.

Practicing insight meditation is a core element.

The Dharma is freely offered to anyone and no one is told what to believe, and all are encouraged to follow their own paths.  

The Portneuf Sangha is a peer-led group dedicated to meditation in the Vipassana (insight) tradition.  Although we study Buddhist teachings, we welcome anyone interested in mindfulness, meditation, and developing compassion and wisdom. There is no charge, and individuals are welcome to join us.   
The Buddha taught that we are all interrelated and that separateness is an illusion and a delusion.  We welcome all to join us in seeking wisdom through compassion and meditation.